Episode 101 - The President of Hollywood

“The President of Hollywood” is an idea I’d been kicking around in different forms for several years, so it seemed like the perfect choice for the first episode. Originally, he was the framing device for what was a series of silent film versions of modern movie styles. Surprisingly no one wanted to make that show, so Irving Stansel laid dormant for a few years until this bad boy came around.

If there’s anything you want to know about this episode, put your questions in the comments below.


Created, written, and produced by Charlie Fonville

Original Music by Jonathan Dinerstein


Annie Savage as Abby Larson

Hal Lublin as Irving Stansel and Announcer #1

Jeremy Carter as Jack Warner and Policy Holder #2

John Ennis as Carl Laemmle and Leland Cornwall IV

Kara Luiz as Mary Pickford

Martin Olson as Douglas Fairbanks and Mortimer Effington III

Megan Gogerty as Frances Marion and Ethel Pomeroy

Mike Rock as William Fox and Policy Holder #3

Christopher Z. Gordon as Adolf Zukor

Judson Jones as Fred Thomson and Goon

Fred Cross as New York Times Reporter, Announcer #2, and Interviewer

Justin Wright Neufeld as DW Griffith and Policy Holder #1

J.T. Arbogast as Announcer #3


Where the Lanterns Glow - Columbia Saxophone Sextette

Lucille - Carl Fenton’s Orchestra

Unremembered Hollywood Theme - Jonathan Dinerstein

Come on Papa - Joseph C. Smith’s Orchestra

General Pershing - Victor Band

A Good Man is Hard to Find - Marion Harris

Ringtail Blues - Wilbur Sweatman’s Original Jazz Band

Molasses Took My Baby Away - Jonathan Dinerstein

Oh, Susie, Behave - Van Eps Trio

You’re Some Pretty Doll - All Star Trio

Peacock Walk - Harry Raderman’s Jazz Band

The Dew is Sparkling - Mischa Elman

Anytime, Anyday, Anywhere - Paul Whiteman and His Ambassador Orchestra

Yelping Hound Blues - Louisiana Five Jazz Orchestra

Vesti la Giubba from Pagliacci - Edward Johnson

Who Did It? - Joseph C. Smith’s Orchestra