Episode 102: The Nazi With a Headshot

Now that I’m over forty, the government mandates that I be super into World War 2, so here’s The Nazi with a Headshot. I was lucky enough to get Humphrey Ker, who is a similarly WW2-obsessed comedy person (he did an Edinburgh Fringe-winning show called Dymock Watson: Nazi Smasher that we’re turning into a feature film). Also joining us this month is indie darling Bobcat Goldthwait, podcast legend Matt Gourley, and a ton of other incredible voice talents.


Created, written, and produced by Charlie Fonville

Original Music by Jonathan Dinerstein


Matt Gourley as Johnny Kansas

Humphrey Ker as Peter Waffles and Francisco Franco

Deanna Rooney as Mary Weissman

Hal Lublin as Gunther Braun, Police officer, and Apple Man #1

Bobcat Goldthwait as George Cukor and Phineas Applesauce the Hobo

DC Pierson as CR Schwartz and Buttons Malloy the Hobo

Katie Michels as Acting Student, Casting Director, and Costumer

Fred Cross as Louis B. Mayer

Justin Wright Neufeld as Courier and Assistant Director

Brian Palatucci as Director, John Ford, and Apple Seller #2.

Charlie Fonville