Episode 103: The Man Who Fell From Earth

The Man Who Fell To Earth
 was inspired by the greatest actor of our time: Daniel Day Lewis and his crazy dedication to his craft. It's legendary. And clearly it enables him to create amazing performances again and again. But, it takes a toll, on him... and probably the people around him. I've always wondered what if Lewis applied that to something frivolous and disposable? He's an "all in" sort of guy, so if he's going to do something, he's going to do it. Now, I have a love of horror and science fiction from the Golden Age of Hollywood, but, it was considered frivolous and disposable--how far we've come. So, I had to ask the question: What would the world have been like if Daniel Day Lewis starred in I Was a Teenage Werewolf instead of Michael Landon?

-Larry Pontius


Created and produced by Charlie Fonville

Written by Larry Pontius

With Annie Savage as Abby Larson

Original Music by Jonathan Dinerstein


With Mark Gagliardi as Clifton Douglas, Craig Cackowski as Edvard Stanton and Jim Anderson, Shulie Cowen as Barbara Norsby, Margaret Anderson, and Mrs. Doherty, Toni Trucks as Judith Huddleston, Bryce Johnson as James Dean, Hal Lublin as Lee Strasberg and Bud Anderson, Justin Neufeld as Marlon Brandon, Vincent Price, and Detective, Jonathan Dinerstein as Director, and Mike Phirman as Marvin Godfrey


Charlie Fonville