Episode 102: The Nazi With a Headshot


In 1939, a German spy was sent to Hollywood to turn directors, studio heads, and actors to the Nazi cause. But the German high command had no idea that the city of angels would cast its spell onto young Johan Ludwig, turning the cold blooded operative into The Nazi with a Headshot.

Unremembered Hollywood was created, written, and produced by Charlie Fonville, with original music by Jonathan Dinerstein

Starring Annie Savage as Abby Larson, with Matt Gourley as Johnny Kansas, Humphrey Ker as Peter Waffles and Francisco Franco, Deanna Rooney as Mary Weissman, Hal Lublin as Gunther Braun, Police officer, and Apple Man #1, Bobcat Goldthwait as George Cukor and Phineas Applesauce the Hobo, DC Pierson as CR Schwartz and Buttons Malloy the Hobo, Katie Michels as Acting Student, Casting Director, and Costumer, Fred Cross as Louis B. Mayer, Justin Wright Neufeld as Courier and Assistant Director, and Brian Palatucci as Director, John Ford, and Apple Seller #2.