Episode 104: A Confederate Sea of Dunces


In 1948, director Tom Hartley and Producer Margaret Chapman began work on "They Stood Tall," the most ambitious Civil War film ever attempted. Sparing no expense, they even hired the last surviving Confederate soldier as a military advisor. But no one could have known the chaos that would come from Albert’s presence. Within a year, a handful of the actors would be institutionalized, the Monolith Studio lot would be reduced to ash, and every scrap of Tom’s dream project would be destroyed.

Created, written, and produced by Charlie Fonville Original Music by Jonathan Dinerstein

Civil War Violin by Rebecca Ward, and Erdinger's Horse Glue Theme sung by Claire Barnhart.

Starring Annie Savage as Abby Larson, with Hal Lublin as Albert Sullivan, Mike Rock as Tom Hartley and Cary Grant, Shulie Cowen as Margaret Chapman, Elisabeth Hower as Merle Oberon, Bryce Johnson as Van Heflin, Mark McConville as Chap Thaxton, Christine Weatherup as Leslie Brooks, John Ennis as Frank Erdinger and Henry Olson, Fred Cross as Langston Devereaux, Judson Jones as Buckles McMaster, Justin Wright Neufeld as Arthur Shields, Roy Flaunt, and Confederate Commander, and Christa Kimlicko-Jones as Ida Calloway.

Charlie Fonville